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About Easybooking

We are the most convenient way to book appointments with over 1000 local businesses, 24/7. You can schedule an appointment for a haircut, massage, dog grooming, and a host of other services with almost any business in your city! Best of all, you can book your next appointment, even when the business has closed for the day! And with our website and mobile apps, you can book from anywhere.

Appointments booked through EasyBooking can be rescheduled easily or canceled without calling the business directly. We make it easy to organize your life to suit your convenience.

EasyBooking is currently supporting 25+ services in the following categories:

Any type of local business that want to get customer bookings online are allowed to visit and also register here on

Claiming your profile gives you direct access to the millions of users who use the EasyBooking website and mobile app. You can customize your profile with services provided, prices and the location of the business. You can also connect your calendar to show your real-time availability to customers and get confirmed appointments booked directly into your calendar. You can add yourself to the waiting list if the time slot you required is already booked.

When a customer books a time slot that is already been booked, then the customers is automatically added to the waiting list. You can choose the customer according to the list or according to whatever method you wish.

Getting Bookings

If you have NOT claimed your profile: The customers will schedule an appointment with you via a phone call, where they would provide you with the details of the requested appointment, including their perferred times, the service they'd like to receive, and the contact details. If you're available during their preferred times, you could let them know offline and manage appiontments manually.

If you HAVE claimed your profile.You can request appointment notifications via text message as soon as a customer books an appointment with you. We'll remind the customer about their upcoming appointment 24 hours beforehand which is customizable by you at the biz Portal.

If you haven't claimed your profile: The customer would call you via phone and cancle their appointment with you.

If you have claimed your profile: We'll notify you via text message as soon as a cstomer cancels.

We are sorry. Here only local customers can book appointment on EasyBooking at the moment. However, we intend to make this feature in EasyBooking shortly.

Of course! When an appointment comes in, we'll ask you to confirm the time via text message, or your Biz Portal, which comes up with our own customized calendar

We are sorry. Only the appointments that can be scheduled within the working hours you have provided are allowed.

Getting New Customers

Many customers are now used to visit EasyBooking to book appointments with businesses like you. Register now, Claim your profile, and then customers can read more about your business, see your real-time availability and prices, and instantly book an appointment. If you're looking for new customers, promoting your business is the best option. EasyBooking is the best solution for you.

There are many benefits to Promoting on EasyBooking,

  • Better visibility on EasyBooking browse and search results
  • Free advertising on Google, Facebook and Twitter to drive more traffic to your EasyBooking profile
  • No out-of-pocket costs
  • If you choose NOT to promote, you will still be listed on our website. We don't spend money to advertise you, but your loyal customers and people searching for your business can still find and book appointments with you on EasyBooking.


We are sorry. This feature is not currently available in EasyBooking. But we are hoping to add this feature shortly.

We are sorry. You cannot upload your merchandise for sale within EasyBooking. However, you can use your profile to advertise your merchandise in About You column.

We are sorry. You cannot assign different prices to different dates. Business prices are the default prices for schedules, and are also displayed on your Booking Page and customer notification emails.

Accessing Your Account

You can access your Merchant dashboard at: . If you're not logged in, click "Login / Register" in the upper right corner of our website. Forgot your password? Click the "Forgot my password?" link after clicking Login, and we'll email you with reset instructions.

By clicking on the Close Account button, your account will be blocked, and your company will no longer get appointments from EasyBooking.